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About Direct Tire

Direct Tire LLC

Founded in 2015, Direct Tire was established for the purpose of sourcing quality tires from overseas manufacturers. Partners, Joe Naugle, a fourth generation trucker and owner of his own domestic freight company, and Chris Kent, a global purchasing and logistics solutions expert, combined their skill sets to provide the ultimate wholesale tire buying experience. They have since mended factory competition of overseas manufacturers and serve as a vessel for truck tire brands to enter the US market. 


Direct Tire is dedicated to creating long lasting relationships with all of our customers. To ensure quality service, we stock the most popular sizes and treads in our warehouses, which are conveniently located throughout the United States. We also source and import quality, cost efficient truck tires by the container.


All of our tires must pass rigorous, international quality assurance testing and comply with all major international safety regulations including ISO9001, CCC, DOT, GCC, SONCAP, and NOM. All tires are additionally certified by third party inspection services such as SGS, INTERTIK, TUV, and BV.


Our contracts with tire manufacturers allow us to customize orders to exact client specifications, while still offering the best pricing. Direct Tire aims to be the simplest, most cost effective method of truck tire purchasing and ultimately, build long lasting relationships with truck tire wholesalers across the U.S.

International Safety Certifications